New Book Showing Signs of Life

Hi folks,

Pete Zanbier here. We’ve been busy!

As you can see, Artie Zahn has nearly finished the first spread for our next book. The working title is The Elephant And Bird Book but that’s likely to change. Good job Artie…Now back to work.

In other news, I finally joined Goodreads. Managed to set up an Author Page and even posted a couple reviews. That was fun.

They have a way to link your blog posts to Goodreads and, I think, link your Goodreads reviews back to your blog. Assuming I figure out the system I’ll say “Welcome!” to any Goodreads members who happen to read this.

Like most writer’s blogs this one tends to be about the trials, tribulations, and occasional triumphs of writing and self-publishing. I’m not sure how interesting that will be for people who like to read books, rather than write them, but consider yourself warned.


Pete Zanbier

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