Do you have good old-fashioned paper books?

We currently only publish ebooks, and sell only through Amazon. Our books (well, book so far) can be read on any device that has the free Kindle App installed on it. You do not need an actual Kindle to read The Hungry black Bird.


The Hungry Black Bird is finally available in paperback. Check it out...This LINK (and all others labeled Paperback on this site) will open my listing on the website in a new tab. If you purchase a copy, CreateSpace will print and ship one especially for you. The paperback edition is also available through Amazon.

When will your next book be out?

As soon as Artie Zahn gets off his duff and starts painting again. Claims he's got painter's elbow.

What will it be about?

A young elephant is thrilled to make a new friend, but that friend soon has them in big trouble.

What's your favorite animal?

Our two cats. Their favorite animal is chipmunk.