CreateSpace: Try, Try Again

Well folks,

As I type this, I’m waiting for the third attempt at a CreateSpace  version of The Hungry Black Bird to upload. The first two versions were probably fine but you know how it is…

The first proof I got back from the printer seemed  a little dark, so I lightened all the images by 10 % and uploaded a new file.

I was especially hoping to see more detail in the black feathers of my heroine, because the fine white and blue hatching that made her feathers come to life were less visible than I want.  It was not to be.

For some reason nearly everything else had more detail, and looks better for it, in the lightened proofs–that’s right, I was so sure that lightening would work that I ordered two copies–but the feather details have nearly disappeared.

The new proofs also have a much warmer color balance. Very yellow. That I chalk up to variations in the printing process, and probably would let it pass,  except  the lack of detail has my main character looking more like the leaden Maltese Falcon than an iridescent crow.

I realize that, unfortunately, what looks great on the screen, or on canvas, or on cold pressed paper may never reproduce to my liking in print. Still, more tweaking and proofing are in order before settling.

Anything I learn will be shared here.

Pete Zanbier


Meant to post this a few weeks ago, but got sidetracked, so the followup is being posted immediately.


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