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Back in January I said I’d found a promising explanation about preparing your picture book files for publication with CreateSpace. It turned out to be a great help.

For anyone prepping a picture book for POD, this is the place to start. Many thanks to Jonathan Briden for writing this article and for graciously letting me link to it. While you’re there check out his book, King Zoff’s Cough.

One thing I might add about the process is that you will need to make your cover image wider than your interior 2-page spreads. The cover needs to be a single PDF file that includes the front, back, and spine. See the CreateSpace documentation for specific measurements, which vary according to your book’s page count.

The Hungry Black Bird is 34 pages. I needed to add 0.072064 inches to the width of the image file. Doesn’t sound like much, though it certainly is specific. And without it, Createspace will reject the file.

Speaking of the spine–CreateSpace books with less than 101 pages must have blank spines (no title or byline text), so don’t bother with that unless you meet or beat that page count.

Go for it, Everyone!


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